Merchandise Rules 

• We accept women’s clothing and accessories that are in style and in season. The newer the better, the more expensive the better, ideally nothing should have been purchased more than 2 years ago.

• We keep items on the selling floor for 60-90 days and mark them down after 30. If a consignment is made in the beginning of a season it may be kept longer than 60 days, if made at the end of a season it may be reduced earlier.

• Payment is made after all items are accounted for (sold or donated). The consignor is welcome to come to the store anytime and use the money on their account for store credit or receive a check for their account balance. The selling price is split 50-50 between Clothes Encounters and the consignor.

• All clothing must be in excellent condition - clean, stainless, odorless, and free of holes, pills, tears, and fraying. We prefer neatly folded clothes in bags. We cannot accept consignments on hangers as there is no hanging storage. Shoes must be cleaned top, bottom, and inside. We are unable to accept any garments that are not clean, have pet fur (employee allergies), have been stored in moth balls, or smell of cigarette smoke.

• If overstocked in a certain size or category we may not be able to accept your consignment.


• Clothing that does not sell is donated to a local charity and a tax donation form is provided upon request. We are unable to return clothing once it has been consigned.

• Consignments are made on a first come first served basis. Weekends are busy, if new to consigning with us please bring us your 10 best pieces to see how we work and what we accept.

• If an item is accepted for consignment and is later found to be damaged or have some other condition issue the price will be reduced or the item donated.

• Clothes Encounters is not responsible for damages or loss due to handling, fire, burglary, or shoplifting.

• Please call to see what season we are accepting, we start taking spring clothing in February and Fall clothing in August. Please limit consignments to 25 pieces maximum. If planning a larger consignment please call to schedule so we are sure to have the capacity.

• All consignments must be made at least an hour before the store closes.


Thank you!